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Dramatic fall in UK house prices may force estate agents into deception

Estate Agents, recognized throughout the business world as the most honest and trustworthy of professions, may resort to deception, fears a spokesman for the Estate Agents Association.

‘We pride ourselves on always being scrupulous and sincere, but with the housing market as it is, we feel some members may resort to deception and manipulation to push a sale through. Obviously there’s no recent history of this happening, but members are showing some frustration with a housing market that has stalled.’

Terry Thompson, 35, is one feeling the pressure. ‘If a drain blocks and floods a property every couple of years I’ve always been the first to tell them. But now my integrity is being tested to the limit. Yet I’d rather live in a tent and ride a bike and sell one of the horses than compromise that.’

Many members of the public have expressed their sympathy for Estate Agents in the current climate. ‘They are often over-looked and under-appreciated, said one Surrey housewife. ‘I’d pay more for a house if it would help them out.’.’ Not everyone is so caring however. There were reports of some people actually finding some sort of perverted amusement in the desperate plight of Estate Agents ‘ One nurse was reported to have put her head into an Estate Agents office and shouted ‘See you, wouldn’t wanna bijou.’


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Posted: Aug 31st, 2008 by Guest

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