DCSF to test children at birth


The Government’s school’s minister has announced that new born babies are to be tested on their reading, writing and arithmetic skills the moment they emerge from the womb. The Department claim that the data will help give a better picture of student’s first nine months of academic progress during gestation.

Newborn babies are now required to achieve key-stage 0.5 as part of the Government’s plans for pre-school and pred-birth education. They have set a target of 95% of new born babies achieving key-stage 0.5 by 2010, but critics say that testing children of this age is too traumatic for them and that they should be allowed to at least be cleaned up and have a drink of milk before testing begins.

During a recent pilot scheme one woman’s womb was criticized by Ofsted for failing to provide a varied enough curriculum, with Physical Education singled out as lacking in variety, with the pupil reduced to limited routines of wriggling and kicking.

The government also took this opportunity to deny once again that GCSE Maths had got easier, despite the fact that 38% of new born babies managed to pass it.

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