Sarah Palin admits son is Islamic terrorist


The Republic Party were doing their best to put a positive spin on the latest embarrassing revelation to break from the family of the John McCain’s choice for Vice President – that Sarah Palin’s middle son recently converted to a militant branch of Islam and has joined the shady ‘Crimson Jihad’ terror cell bent on destroying the ‘Great Satan’ the United States.

‘It shows that Sarah is just an ordinary American Mom with troublesome teenagers’ said one delegate at the Republican convention. ‘Which of us can honestly say that at some time or other, our teenage kids didn’t experiment with smoking, drinking or blowing up American embassies?’ Others insisted that standing up for one’s faith and championing the use of guns is exactly what the Republican Right is all about. ‘Young Ahmed carries a Kalashnikov, his God is his guide – this exactly the message that we are promoting.’

Most observers have avoided direct criticism of Sarah Palin, judging this to be a personal matter and off limits to politicians and journalists. ‘It makes no difference to how well she might do her job as Vice President, that her son would be using his privileged access to high security parts of Washington to blow up all the major government buildings’ said the political editor of Fox News. ‘Let’s concentrate on the issues, not this tittle-tattle about the families of the candidates.’

Young Ahmed is said to have developed his interest in explosives from his mother, who would often take him out to the Alaskan wilderness to blow up moose and polar bears. His father was the Alaskan champion at packing a snowmobile with gelignite and driving it at speed towards migrating elk.

The news that her son is a member of Al Qaeda may help Sarah Palin counter accusations that she knows little about foreign affairs and may gain her some votes from the ‘Militant Islamic terror’ constituency that both sides had previously been struggling to reach.


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