‘Grand Designs’ to feature Darth Vader’s Death Star


Channel 4 has announced that the new series of Grand Designs will kick off with a special celebrity edition in which Kevin McCloud will follow the design and construction of Darth Vader’s dream home; his so-called ‘Death Star’.

‘Darth had set his heart on building a space station in orbit around the moon of Endor, but this would be no ordinary second home. It was the size of a small moon – a very ambitious project for a first time builder,’ said a worried McCloud.

‘The site itself was in a Galaxy far, far away, so it was a logistical nightmare. There was no popping round to the local DIY store for a bit of sand or the odd plumbing fitting. It took meticulous planning and everything had to arrive on site on time and on budget. Darth took the brave, some would say ‘foolhardy’ decision to project manage the build himself, but he proved to he was pretty ruthless with his contractors. We caught him using The Force to crush the windpipe of an electrician who turned up a couple of hours late.’

The programme also reveals that Darth Vader failed to secure planning permission for the development. The Ewoks inhabiting Endor formed a local action group and wrote some pretty harsh objection letters to the local council. ‘Luckily for Darth they had never been higher off the ground than the tallest tree and lacked the technology to put a building control officer into orbit, otherwise an enforcement notice would have been served to stop construction altogether,’ McCloud revealed.

The final result can be seen on Channel four on Thursday, and Kevin has expressed admiration for Darth’s grand design. ‘It’s a brave, modernist, steel-framed construction. My main worries were a lack of shielding around a couple of vents in the central trench, but you’ll have to watch the show to see how it turned out.’

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