Advertising Feature: Put an end to recycling day shame!


Are you filled with envy when you walk down the street on recycling day and see your neighbours’ empty champagne bottles, foie gras jars and caviar tins? Are you ashamed of the downmarket contents of your own recycling bins? Then you need “CycleStlye”® Recycle bin enhancers.

“CycleStlye”® is a moulded plastic sheet which you place on top of your normal recycling to gives a lifelike appearance of up-market vintage wine bottles, Harrods food jars, impressive packaging and cultured publications, at a fraction of the cost of buying the real products. Your neighbours will be amazed at your high-class life-style and sophisticated taste.

Available in three grades : The Beckham (ostentatiously posh), The Buckingham (genuinely posh but with subtle use of Tupperware), and the Boris (eccentrically eclectic) With “CycleStlye”® you too can hold your head high next recycling day!

And if you have a neighbour you particularly dislike, why not downgrade their recycling with our “CycleScum”® enhancer. Leave the rest of the street thinking that they are throwing out well-thumbed copies of ‘Asian Babes’, empty bottles of surgical alcohol and the packaging for an inflatable sex doll.

(please dispose of all CycleStyle products responsibly. Not re-cyclable.)

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