BBC admits going too far with TV license reminder slogan ‘Your Arse Won’t be Safe in Prison’


The BBC has admitted it might have gone a step too far with its latest TV license advertising campaign in which it asks if you really want to be the bitch of a twenty stone serial killer with bad breath.

The public information film featuring the agonising cries of a man, filtering through the windows of a prison shower block, has the pay-off line ‘TV detector vans can quickly find you. But not as quick as a pack of sex-starved lifers’. It is part of series of hard hitting adverts aimed at the minority of viewers who do not buy a TV license. Others in the series feature a ‘license-cheat’ swinging from the gallows at Tyburn as the mob cheer and spit at the corpse, even though public executions were abolished hundreds of years ago.

And although it is virtually unheard of for people who do not pay their TV license to be sent to prison, the BBC has been keen to up the stakes in the battle against the so-called ‘license cheat-scum.’ We tried having Gloria Hunniford smiling and saying ‘Remember there are lots different ways to pay,’ explained the BBC Director General. ‘But our research showed that this was nowhere near as effective as having Terry Wogan saying, ‘Listen, do you really want to get bum-raped by a load of tattooed psychos from D wing?’

Ironically the advert prompted the governor of Wandsworth Prison to enquire whether he had ever got round to getting a license for the hundreds of televisions in his inmates’ cells. He is now serving a one-week sentence with Category A prisoners where his responsibilities include cleaning the shower and scrubbing the floor in the poorly supervised boiler room.

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