Teenage boy continues search for topless sunbather on Google Earth


Fourteen year old Julian Hayes from Gloucester has been praised for his persistence and determination in his two-year quest to see a topless lady sunbathing somewhere on Google Earth. The computer whiz and would-be Peeping Tom has been frustrated by his parents’ strict controls on the family computer, but has figured that somewhere on Google’s satellite photo-map must be a photo of a woman ‘lying in the sunshine with her breasts exposed for all to see.’

‘At first I tried the addresses of women I knew’ confessed Julian; ‘My brother’s girlfriend, my cousin Jennifer and the lady in our street who smiled at me once when I crossed the road.’ But all of their gardens were just a tiny square of green, with no speck suggesting anyone sunbathing at all.’ After a couple of months of searching around the back gardens of Gloucestershire, Julian then had the idea of entering the South of France into Google Earth. He scanned the resorts of St Tropez and Cannes, zooming into the beaches as far as the image would allow. ‘There definitely were people on the beach, but it was hard to make out if they were men or women or if they were wearing swimming costumes. But I stared at one of the pale pixelated specks imagining that it was a topless woman, and that was quite thrilling at the time. Although looking back I may have been masturbating to the image of someone walking their dog.’

Julian’s teachers have commended his dedication and his initiative in his determined search to invade the privacy of female strangers using the wonders of the world wide web. ‘He’s a very attentive pupil’ said his ICT teacher Anneka Johnson, 24. ‘Although he does have a bit of a habit of always dropping his memory stick which I keep having to bend down and pick up! Oh and he shouldn’t bring his camera-phone into class either.’

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