Novelist cleans entire house


Calvin Monroe, who recently quit his job as a securities analyst to dedicate himself to writing his debut novel, has finished cleaning his house from ceiling to floor for the first time since moving in back in 2005. It is the latest in a long line of mundane household tasks completed by 36-year-old Monroe since he left full-time employment in the City in July so he could focus on his dream of becoming a writer. Other tasks he has completed include taking his old suits to Oxfam, putting up the curtains he bought in 2006 in the spare bedroom, and clearing out the rubbish left by the house’s previous occupants in the garden shed.

‘Some people have asked me what the three weeks I spent sitting on the sofa watching the Die Hard films had to do with my novel, but they don’t understand the way that the creative writer does his research,’ he said. Monroe’s novel will apparently centre on a 36-year-old former City worker who gets drawn away from his dull, everyday life into an underworld of gangsters and vice, when his path crosses with a curvaceous tattooed brunette with a beestung pout called Angelique Julie.

When Monroe completes the novel he is hoping to sell the film rights and perhaps see it adapted into a Japanese Manga book. The novel is however, still very much at the planning stage, although the author confirmed that he has typed Chapter One at the top of the first page. ‘I just don’t think you can be too prepared before you write that opening sentence,’ he explained. The book does not actually have a publisher as yet, as Monroe does not want his imagination stifled by the pressure of deadlines and publishing timetables. ‘Everything I have done is actually integral to the creative process. I mean, I can’t think of one great work of art that was created by someone whose herbs and spices weren’t alphabetized correctly.’

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