Sarah Palin; ‘I’m voting Obama’


John McCain’s campaign suffered another setback last night when his running mate and the official Republican candidate for Vice President announced that she had decided she would be voting for Senator Obama on November 4th. ‘I don’t really know much about this whole politics thing, but it just seems to me that Obama is not just for change but change we can believe in,’ said the Alaskan governor sporting her new Obama/Biden lapel badge. ‘Also I heard he chose someone really dumb to be his running mate, and that sounds kinda dumb’ she added looking pleased that she seemed to have made the Press Corps laugh.

Sarah Palin represents the latest in a series of high profile Republicans who have come out for the Democratic candidate. John McCain refused to accept that having his running mate vote for his opponent represented any sort of a set-back and claimed that many people would be switching their allegiance back and forth over the next week or so. ‘But I still believe that my wife and I will be on our way to the White House by next Tuesday,’ he declared.

At this point Cindy McCain leaned forward to interject, announcing that in fact she had decided to vote for Obama as well. Although she didn’t know the Democratic candidate as well as her own husband, she admitted, she felt he offered the kind of optimism and fresh start that America needed right now. ‘And he isn’t going to drop dead after a year in office and let that mad woman take over the United States either.’ In another blow to the Republican ticket, President George W. Bush also said that McCain was too closely associated with the disastrous policies of the last eight years, and that somebody had to do something about the terrible mess out there in Iraq.

McCain had also rather been counting on the vote of the Grand Master of the Ku Klux Klan, but the White Supremacist also confessed that he had been won over by the charismatic Illinois Senator. ‘Sure race is an issue, but we have to look at it in context of a whole lot of other factors. Some say many southerners will switch back to McCain at the last minute as voters suddenly pander to racism. But we’re all really hoping America will pander to ageism instead.’


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