Blair offers to be Obama’s puppy


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has offered his services to the new president of the United States in what he describes as a key role at the centre of the White House.

‘No it is not demeaning’ Blair told reporters, sporting a rented cartoon dog costume; this is the special relationship in action.’ Tony Blair has undertaken a number of key posts since resigning as Prime Minister last year, but has alway made it be known that he was interested in cementing Anglo-American relations. His duties would include a number of strict retrieval projects, accompanying the First Lady on walkabouts and security responsibilities in the backyard of the White House.

‘When the paper boy throws the Washington Post over the gate, we need a puppy that can catch it and bring it through the hatch without ripping it to shreds. It is a very high level appointment.’

However it is thought that The White House is looking at a number of European statesman to take up the role of the President’s puppy. ‘We might consider a French poodle or a German lap-dog, or a loyal English sniffer dog. We haven’t decided yet,’ said a White House spokesman.

It was revealed that a number of leaders have already been brought to the Obama family for consideration ‘Mr Blair was possibly a bit too licky for us. But at least he didn’t try and hump Michelle’s leg like President Sarkozy.’


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