Orphans compete to be chosen as this year’s ‘CelebBaby’


ITV is launching a major new prime time TV show this week which it has billed as the ultimate in reality television. ‘I’m a CelebBaby, Get Me Out of Here!’ will feature African orphans in a desperate competition to be the one child who is adopted by a major celebrity and given a whole new life in the West.

The show will comes from a refugee camp in Southern Chad where programme makers Endemol have selected over a hundred young contestants out of millions of applicants from across Saharan Africa. Over the next six weeks, these applicants will be whittled down to just five, through a process of trials, games, and easily preventable diseases.

The tests will include the infamous ‘bush tucker challenge’ where the contestants have to find food, or indeed anything to eat in the arid desert and successful completion of trials will earn meals and immunisations for the rest of the group. The orphans’ progress will be carefully watched by the panel of celebrity judges led by Simon Cowell, who will then pick the final five to reach the last stage. ‘This means everything to me’ said one orphan, taking part.

The final stage will take the familiar format where the remaining five will be lined up in front of their potential new A-List celebrity mother, and one lucky baby will be taken away to a palatial home, to live their life with security, never ending gifts, and the unconditional love of a nanny. The unfortunate runners up will be free to return to their families if they can find them.

Despite having filmed all the pre-publicity trailers for the controversial show, both Ant and Dec have denied any knowledge of the programme.

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