Man granted divorce for being asked to hold wife’s handbag in shop


A traumatised Gary Baker, 24, from Basildon, Essex, had his two-year marriage to 23-year-old Daniela annulled in court this week following an incident at the town shopping centre.

Gary told the judge that all had been fine with his relationship, but that her behaviour on Saturday 9th November in the local branch of Topshop had been inexcusable. Daniela had persuaded Gary to enter the shop with her as she searched for an outfit for a party. He had reluctantly agreed, but found that she had quickly disappeared into the changing rooms with four items of clothing, asking him to hold something while she tried on the clothes. There were gasps in the courtroom as Gary revealed the object that he found himself holding was a small black clutch bag. The true magnitude of his situation hit him, as he stood awkwardly by the women’s changing room, in full view of other shoppers in the busy store.

Ten long minutes passed as he hopped from foot to foot, unsuccessfully trying to hide the small leather accessory. Pulling his mobile from his pocket, he desperately tried to look inconspicuous by focusing his attention on the football scores. His effort was in vain – another man in the shop had noticed his plight. He approached Gary slowly and his words echoed loudly around the shop: ‘Nice bag mate, you’ll have to see if they have some shoes to match’.

Gary panicked and fled from the shop, only to realize that he was now walking briskly through a packed shopping centre carrying a handbag. Gary says that he usually waits by the door while his wife shops for clothes, or more accurately, waits outside the shop next door. On this occasion he had a momentary lapse of judgment. Daniela did not contest the divorce, but told the courtroom she does want the bag returned ‘along with my knickers, once he’s finished with them’.

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