Tory Party Leader arrested For ‘Plotting to overthrow Government’


Westminster was left reeling last night, as Leader of the Conservative Party, Mr David Cameron, was arrested by Westminster police on charges of conspiracy to overthrow Her Majesty’s Government. Mr Cameron is now believed to be being held in cells at an undisclosed London police station.

Police have given few details of the alleged plot by a shady organisation apparently calling itself ‘the shadow cabinet’. However, sources close to the investigation have revealed the detailed planning behind the Conservatives’ attempt to seize power. ‘They had recruited a network of people sympathetic to their opinions throughout the country’ said one source who had viewed documents confiscated from Mr Cameron. ‘The plan was that on a certain day in a couple of years time, they would appeal to people to declare their support for Cameron – but only in private. Based on this clandestine approach, which they were referring to as a ‘secret ballot’, the Conservative Party would then declare Labour as overthrown, and announce David Cameron as the new leader of the UK.’

Gordon Brown and Jacqui Smith refused to condemn the police action but there has been criticism of the Speaker Michael Martin for calling 999 when he witnessed David Cameron say that the Prime Minister ‘was not very good.’ But one Met insider said that David Cameron had got off lightly with just an arrest. ‘If he’d gone into Westminister tube station, we had four armed officers ready to pump thirty bullets into him.’

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