Frost/Nixon to be followed up with ‘Parkinson/Emu’


Peter Morgan has penned his latest winner in the wake of his smash hit West End and Broadway play, and now major motion picture, ‘Frost/Nixon’. ‘I still wanted to stick with the TV interview-as-feature-film-format. I just needed to find the right subject.’

‘Parkinson/Emu’ is a dramatic retelling of the original Michael Parkinson and Emu interview from 1976 when the six foot bird with the blue glitter mane and yellow felt beak attacked popular chat show king Michael Parkinson, pecking aggressively into his inner thigh, swivelling him round in his chair and dumping him onto the floor. The incident caused a sensation and made news around the world. As a result there were several high-level resignations from the EBC (Emu Broadcasting Corporation).

Morgan is at pains to point out that ‘Parkinson/Emu’ is in no way a sequel to ‘Frost/Nixon’, though he does concede the parallels are striking. ‘In ‘Frost/ Nixon’ we have a TV satirist on the skids and a disgraced ex-president of the USA. They’re trying to subtly out-manouevre each other. In ‘Parkinson/Emu’ we’ve got a bloke from Barnsley and a spangly bird with Rod Hull’s hand up its arse. The resemblances, I’m sure you’ll agree, are uncanny.’

Casting has already started with Peter Morgan favourite, actor Michael Sheen, pencilled to play the lead. ‘I’ve done a lot of research,’ said the Welsh thespian, ‘I can’t wait to give the world my Emu.’

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