Prime Minister refers Honourable Gentleman to hand, face not listening


There was controversy during Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons this afternoon after Gordon Brown responded to a backbencher’s question by saying ‘I refer the Honourable Gentleman to the hand as the face is not listening.’ The Prime Minister then proceeded to raise his hand in the general direction of Conservative Paul Goodman and turn his head in the opposite direction. Stuck for an appropriate response, the MP for Wycombe simply sat back down.

However, following a brief spell of stunned silence, Conservative leader David Cameron hit back at the Government front bench by exclaiming ‘I swear down, that Harman hoe is wearing some sketty skirt, bruv!’, signalling a tirade of name calling during which several Labour MPs could be seen making gang-like hand gestures at the party opposite. To gasps from the benches opposite the Right Hon Harriet Harman just shrugged and said ‘Your mom…’ Speaker Michael Martin, wearing his wig backwards, tried for several minutes to calm things down by saying ‘ llow it, ‘llow it…’ while Alistair Darling declared ‘Rah man, you is dryyy’ to the agreement of Labour backbenchers who agreed ‘This is well lonnggggg, blud.’

Finally the Speaker asserted some authority by standing up and rapping ‘Don’t make me click my fingers in the Zee formation’ and members dispersed from the chamber as quickly as was possible considering that they were wearing trousers much too big for them, with crotches somewhere round their knees.

‘This signals a new breed of politics’ said BBC political correspondent Nick Robinson, wearing a hoodie and and a Yankees cap. ‘The House of Commons has long had a reputation for heated, some might say boisterous debate, but Brown’s approach today hint towards something new entirely. But Blood Set seemed heartened by his new attacks upon the Cryps, and the talk in the lobbies was of the Prime Minister ‘setting his bredren against Cameron’s crew, to shank them up nicely’.


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