Father Christmas chronic victim of identity theft


Santa Claus, an elderly man residing at the North Pole, who describes himself as ‘toymaker and philanthropist’, has been the victim of serial identity theft according to the police. They have recorded literally thousands of examples of impostors attempting to pass themselves off as the distinctively dressed bearded man, using his name and attempting to take advantage of the goodwill felt towards Father Christmas at this time of year.

‘Some of them are quite brazen about it,’ said D.I. Hooper of the Metropolitan Police; ‘Going around in gangs of eight or ten, all of them trying to pass themselves off as the same individual!’

It is not known how they identity thieves got the personal details of Santa Claus, but they seem to know where he lives, how he dresses and even the names of his pet reindeer. ‘Apparently he uses the password ‘Rudolf’ for everything.’

Police have warned the public to be extra careful when dealing with members of the public who may at first seem to be dressed like Father Christmas. ‘If you see a group of office workers staggering down the high street clutching vodka bottles, the one at the back wearing a Santa hat may not necessarily be the real Father Christmas.’

Parents of young children however seemed unconcerned that there may be one or two impostors out there. ‘Every year we take our children to the department store to meet Father Christmas’ said one mother in a Leeds shopping centre. ‘We send them into a dark little grotto on their own to sit on Santa’s knee. Why would anyone but the real Santa want to do that all day?’


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