Balls announces Hindsight to be taught in schools


The Minister of Education, Ed Balls, has announced today that from September 2009, the teaching of hindsight will become a compulsory addition to the national curriculum at Key Stage 3 and above.

‘Clearly, the benefits of hindsight have long been recognised, but schools have provided little or no formal teaching of the subject to date. It is to remedy this deficit that we are moving straight to an expectation that a minimum of an hour per week’s hindsight will be taught to all children aged 11 plus’ from the beginning of the next academic year.’

Further details of the curriculum are to be released shortly, but the Minister did confirm that both GCSE and A level Hindsight would be offered to students, although pupils wishing to pursue the subject would not be able to sit their final exams until several years after the completion of their formal education.

The Government are also considering the teaching of ‘Retrospective Foresight’ ‘Tip of the Tongue’ phenomena and ‘Unknown Unknowns’ although there have been delays drawing up the syllabus for the latter.

While the Opposition supported the new plans, the Conservatives said that the teaching of Hindsight should have been introduced much earlier. ‘Knowing what we know now, it’s obvious that hindsight should have been introduced ages ago,’ said Tory education spokesman Michael Gove. ‘I can’t believe that they have waited until now.’

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John Roughty

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