Obama’s new limo ‘pimped’ by MTV


The limo that will transport Barack Obama to his inauguration has been transformed by the team from MTV’s Pimp My Ride. The Presidential car, a Cadillac limousine, now has blue fluorescent lights under the chassis, flared wheel arches and go-faster giant flames painted all over the bodywork.

‘The brief for the MTV team was to create a wagon that will allow a modern President to really connect with the public, particularly young people,’ said Pimp My Ride presenter Xzibit. The Presidential limousine also has 19 inch chrome alloy wheels complete with spinners, voice activated sound and vision system, and an in-built laser show that projects the President’s image onto anything within 10 feet of the vehicle. The car has also been turned into a low rider with adjustable suspension.

It is thought that Obama will have the car on three wheels for tomorrow’s inauguration. When he exits the vehicle, he will stand in front of it for one minute whilst it bounces up and down in time to the movement of his hands. It is also rumoured that the car has a hot tub hidden in the boot but this is thought to be for private moments with the First Lady only.

The new Presidential limo got a mixed reaction from a group of young people invited to the launch; ‘I think this is great; George Bush was so boring but Obama is already showing that he is gonna be one cool President,’ said 14 year old Casey Wojzkinski. Another onlooker however was not so happy, 15 year old Josh Wenner commented, ‘Blue neon tubes? What a loser, they are soooo last decade.’ But Obama was upbeat about the new limo, ‘What we have done, on this day, to this car, represents the change that is going to come to America. To those who said we could not Pimp the President’s Ride, I say – yes we can.’

Meanwhile Xzibit hinted at another suprize to come for the next edition of ‘Pimp My Presidential Ride’. ‘You should see the new President’s private jet; Air Force One never had snakes and naked ladies painted all over the side before.’

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