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David Moyes declared tactical genius after fielding three adverts to confuse Liverpool defence

5816734Everton manager David Moyes already looks set to win February’s Manager of the Month award following his inspired substitutions at the end of the FA cup replay against Liverpool. With only a couple of minutes of extra time remaining, and his team favourites to lose a penalty shoot-out, Moyes substituted three players and put on a number of television commercials instead. Before anyone quite understood what was happening, Everton had scored the deciding goal.

‘It was a brilliant move’ said ITV’s Michael Grade; ‘When Jamie Carragher suddenly saw a bloke in a giant tic-tac outfit prancing about on the pitch it completely threw him. He laid it off to Michael Winner who shouted ‘Calm Down Dear!’ before crossing to Ronald McDonald who smashed it into the back of the net!’
Raphael Benitez paid credit to David Moyes for his surprise substitutions after the match. ‘The big tic-tac asked us some difficult questions. We had no response. We did not know Everton had signed this giant breath mint during the transfer window.’

Concerns that this episode marked a further commercialization of the sport were rejected by the FA and the Premier League. But the weekend’s league fixtures have thrown up some interesting team sheets. Manchester United are starting with John Lydon up front, where his recommendations to buy British butter may be too much for the West Ham defence, while Tony the Tiger starts in goal for Chelsea. The lady from the ‘Shake and Vac’ commercial is coming out of retirement for Arsenal, who have a new partnership up front with Iggy Pop and Edith Piaf, sponsored by Specsavers.

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Posted: Feb 7th, 2009 by NewsBiscuit

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