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Upmarket crisp manufacturers forced to admit ‘it’s just cheese & onion’

987-crispsWalton and Chadbourn, self-proclaimed ‘purveyors of opulent snacks since 1983’ have finally conceded that their premium-priced Organic Ilchester and Caramelised Shallot flavoured crisps were effectively ‘just Cheese and Onion, really’. The admission came at the end of a landmark court battle and looks set to have major repercussions across the luxury crisp and snack market.

Over several hours of fierce cross-examination, the crisp makers were repeatedly pressed to explain why the specific combination of flavourings and additives could not equally be compared in taste to, say, mild Red Leicester and genetically modified Georgian Vidalia-onion, before finally conceding defeat.

As well as renaming the offending brand ‘Posh Cheese & Onion’, W&C have also been compelled to call their Freshly Milled Cornish Sea Salt and Balsamic Glaze crisps ‘Over-priced Salt & Vinegar’, and their Crayfish Tails in Sun Dried Tomato & Luxury Mayonnaise Dressing flavour ‘Prawn Cocktail for Gullible Middle-Class People’. Both Messrs Walton and Chadwick complained that judges’ strict ruling will not help shift packets of crisps that are currently retailing at £2.80 a bag.

‘This comes at a tough time for the makers of the premium-priced crisp’ commented Alan Chadbourn. ‘Firstly the credit crunch – if you’ll forgive the pun – drove the shopper back to low-cost alternatives such as Walkers. Now the budget brands are turning the screws with cunning marketing such as the ‘Evict your least favourite E-number’ campaign.

But the judge ruled that the company had four weeks to change the labelling on their crisps or they would be spending six months in ‘a traditional Victorian stone and steel flavour calaboose’ Or ‘prison’.

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Posted: Feb 21st, 2009 by Skylarking

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