Look beyond martyrdom, says Al-Qaeda careers advice head


Radical Muslim youths across the world are dreaming first and last about careers as martyrs, despite falling demand and the wealth of opportunities in other fields according to Samir Al-Mady, head of the Al-Qaeda Careers Advice Board.

Al-Mady revealed that in the board’s annual survey of radicalized 15 and 16-year-olds, ‘Martyr/Suicide Bomber’ was the favourite career choice for the 28th consecutive year. It scored 76%, placing it comfortably ahead of the next choices ‘Radical Preacher’ (13%), ‘Astronaut’ (6%) and ‘Systems Analyst’ (0.1%).
‘People might call it double-standards that the operation that has done so much to promote the glories of martyrdom is now calling for a rethink,’ said Al-Mady. ‘But a modern organisation needs diverse skills in order to flourish in the modern world. Whilst we will always treasure the blood of our glorious martyrs, peace be upon them, we are in desperate need of young men in other areas of our organization – fund raisers, office managers, photocopier service engineers and the I.T. department without whom the heroes self-immolations could never have happened.’

According to the survey, the main reasons given for the career choice of martyrdom as a career option among disaffected young radicals remains the same as in previous years; ‘want to be famous’, (7%) ‘want to do something for others’ (9%) but with a massive 81% opting for answer C – ‘want to spend eternity lying on cushions in a cool garden repeatedly deflowering a personal collection of 72 doe-eyed virgins.’

The Al Qaeda leadership admit that the situation is becoming desperate; ‘We tried compelling the radicalized school leavers to take ordinary office jobs in the Al Qaeda accounts department; you know, processing data, photocopying, cross-checking accounts’, said Al-Mady, ‘But after a couple of years of that, they were more desperate to blow themselves up than ever…’

24 February 2009

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