New ‘Banksy’ hailed after discovery of yellow lines on road

Newsbiscuit: Banksy Yellow Lines

Art critics are claiming that a new urban graffiti artist is at large, following the discovery of a major conceptual work on a public highway in Blackburn. The abstract piece, which consists of two parallel yellow lines running the length of either edge of the street was spotted yesterday and is similar in theme and style to a number of lineal artworks that have appeared on roads around the country.

Art critic Rupert Soames believes that the genius of this new anonymous street artist is that he encapsulates the essence of several masters. ‘He is like Banksy in that he works outdoors, fleetingly – yet permanently – marking the urban landscape. He is also a Richard Long, walking and journeying across landscapes, leaving a trail of markings built of elemental materials. Often we see the scattered drip technique influence of Jackson Pollock and I also detect traces of Mark Rothko and early Mondrian in this bold and logical work.’

Holes have appeared in roads where art collectors have dug up sections of the road in order to keep works such as ‘Yellow Criss-Cross Box at Busy Junction’ and the ‘Two Red Lines on Busy Road.’ The Tate Modern are now planning an exhibition showing such minimalist classics as the ‘Broken White Line Down Centre of Road’ Series, the ‘Double Yellow on Bends’ triptych, and ‘Yellow/ Broken White on Asphalt 1-68.’

Meanwhile Rupert Soames was hurrying to Blackburn in the hope of seeing new examples of the mystery artists’ work, though unfortunately he was delayed on his journey there. ‘Bloody workmen, with their contra flows, cones and traffic lights – I’ve no idea what they were doing this time…’

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