Fire Chief agrees ‘Urination ineffective as fire fighting technique’

pissing on fires 'never really going to work'

Newly appointed Chief Fire Officer, Ian Furno of Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade has pointed out that members of the public confronted by a person on fire ‘should not consider urination as a viable option irrespective of whether the victim is likeable or not’.

On his first day in charge the 46 year-old explained that had heard people many times in recent years insist that they wouldn’t use this method on people and wholeheartedly agreed with their conclusion. ‘I worry that people would even consider such action in a fire emergency’, he continued, ‘It suggests that they have not been reading our leaflets at all. Even if their bladder was very full the pressure and volume would be considerably below recommended levels outlined in the industry guidelines for hoses and extinguishers’.

Chief Officer Furno pointed out also that ‘speed of application and accuracy issues would also weigh against this as a favoured option. We certainly do not even touch on this technique when training our own fire officers.’

986-pants-on-fireHe then went on to point out the complete lack of supporting scientific evidence to connect undergarment fires with the victim not telling the truth. ‘We want people to take every precaution they can to guard against their pants catching fire, but there is no evidence that being a liar significantly increases the risk.’


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