Donkey Sanctuary opens doors to bankers


A Donkey Sanctuary is offering to home abandoned bankers who find themselves cast out and friendless as a result of the current economic downturn. The rescue centre in Cheshire currently has over fifty donkeys and a couple of ageing Shetland ponies, but these will now be sharing their stables with some homeless stockbrokers, banking executives and former fund managers.

The idea of the charity helping fallen bankers came from one of its supporters, Miss Mildred Criag, who lives in Southport:
‘I went to visit my sponsored donkey and discovered there was a banker called Fred living there as well. He was buried under a pile of old Financial Times and was in rather a sorry state. He was in hiding from the media who were pursuing him because of his role in the credit crunch.’

Mildred claims that the stable-share has worked very well. ‘Fred shares a field and a simple shelter with a couple of donkeys and he’s more or less free to do as he likes. At first the donkeys shunned him, but now they seem to get on. And he’s getting used to the carrots.’

A spokesman for the donkey sanctuary said they would soon be introducing an Adopt a Banker scheme where people could sponsor a former City employee, choosing which sad-looking executive to support from their brochure. ‘The idea is that suitable bankers will be trained so that disadvantaged children can ride them before they progress to a donkey.’ And if the economic situation picks up, who knows maybe there we can rehome some of them in top banking jobs. The donkeys, I mean, not the bankers.’

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