Real IRA furious that someone else has bagged their name on Twitter

begorrah and bedad, now

The Real IRA has said today that it is ‘angered and offended’ that someone who is not the Real IRA has bagged the name on social networking site Twitter. Many celebrities use the word ‘Real’ in front of their name to differentiate from imposters but it would seem that the party using the username ‘Real IRA’ is not the breakaway terrorist cell of that name.

To make matters worse the person using the name has been posting regular messages such as ‘Top of the Morning!’ and ‘bedad and begorrah’ which has led the Real IRA to believe that this is being done by someone who is not even Irish.

The Real IRA are reportedly furious about the situation but it seems there is little they can do about it. A spokesman for the organisation said ‘We approached Twitter and they suggested we use the name ‘Real Real IRA’ but that is quite frankly ridiculous. At the moment all we can do is send ‘Feck Off’ messages to the person or persons who are passing themselves off as us and this is obviously very frustrating.’

The IRA has historically experienced a number of splits which have resulted in increasing numbers of Republican splinter groups. These include the Provisional IRA and the Continuity IRA and more recently some rock and roll themed cells have sprung up as well including ‘IRAin’t’, the ‘Bootleg IRA’, and the 70s Swedish tribute terror group ‘IR-ABBA’ who are available for weddings, parties and children’s entertainment.


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