McDonalds tells customer: ‘I think you’ve had enough’

Mr Wilks was later seen at KFC

A 32-year-old man from Hull has told of how he was refused service from his local fast food restaurant, who suggested that he ‘had had quite enough burgers for one evening’. Dennis Wilks angrily spoke of the humiliation: ‘I just asked for a Big Mac and fries and the boy serving said that he wouldn’t take my order. I asked to see the manager and he said that I’d had too much fried food, starch and carbonated sugary drinks and that he wanted me to leave his restaurant.’

Paul, a manager with two years service and four McDonalds stars behind him, argues that he was right to eject Mr Wilks from the premises. ‘We saw him waddle up in a right state. He had to turn sideways to get through the front doors and he was making our clients feel uncomfortable.’

‘He started off with a McSalad that I was more than happy to serve him. But that was just to get his foot in the door. Then he said he wanted a burger and fries with a large coke. It was disgusting; it was the fourth time he’d been in that evening and we’d heard him being sick in the car park. I told him if he couldn’t eat responsibly then he wasn’t welcome in my restaurant as he was upsetting other customers enjoying their meals.’

Head of communication for McDonalds issued a statement in support of their staff’s decision. ‘We are sorry if Mr Wilks has felt let down by our customer service on this occasion, however, if you wake up in the morning and have to apply anti-chafing cream to your inner thighs just so that you can shuffle up to the fridge in relative comfort, then maybe warning bells should be ringing and you might consider easing off the saturated fats and getting some exercise.’

Mr Wilks has said he has taken his custom elsewhere, and was seen at a local branch of a fried chicken franchise trying to stop the manager taking away his last KFC Bargain Bucket at closing time.

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