Britain’s internet reserves now ‘dangerously low’

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Scientists have warned that the United Kingdom’s stocks of internet are at dangerously low levels and that urgent action must be taken to find alternative sources. The United Kingdom has no natural internet reserves of its own and has to import it from the United States and China. Large stockpiles of internet once visible outside ports such as Tilbury and Harwich are down their lowest-ever levels, with police officers guarding the remaining reserves.

Despite service providers advertising broadband speeds of up to 10Mb/s, many households have found themselves getting a data rate of 1Mb/s. Phone companies have attempted to blame the quality of line, distance from the telephone exchange or user contention ratios for this drop in performance, but according to one telecoms whistleblower, this is nothing but a smokescreen to disguise a much more pressing problem of Britain’s desperate internet shortage.

Former broadband engineer Trevor Bow says that the nation’s broadband reserves are at an all-time low and that telecommunication companies and internet service providers are conspiring together to ration usage. ‘There simply isn’t enough to go around,’ he maintains, ‘When Britain first applied for its internet quota, most people did a bit of online shopping or sent a few emails. But today we are all using much more bandwidth than we are importing.’

police now guarding what's left of itEven more scandalous, he alleges is the fact that telecoms industry bosses are hoarding large portions of the internet for themselves. ‘It is a well-known fact that telecommunications executives are enjoying far greater speeds than the rest of us.’ Bow alleges that former BT CEO Ben Verwaayen left BT with a staggering 20Gb/s of internet bandwidth in addition to his pension and carriage clock. Scandalously, the head of TalkTalk’s internet service has boasted openly about his ability to download knocked-off films in less than five seconds.

‘It’s a disgrace,’ complains Bow. ‘These fat cats enjoy breath-taking internet speeds while the rest of us have to plod on downloading interesting Japanese photos and artistic German video clips over single-figure-speed broadband lines’. An on-line petition has been started demanding government action on the internet shortage, but is taking longer than expected to attract signatures.

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