Government launches new ‘Print Your Own Money’ website

leading economists too busy with their printers to respond to questions

The government is launching a revolutionary new website that allows people to print their own money in the comfort of their own homes. The Treasury believe that by increasing the money supply in this way, they will be able to boost consumer spending and kickstart the economy. A number of leading economists were surveyed as to whether they thought this radical increase in the money supply might cause hyper-inflation, but all were too busy with their office printers to reply.

The catchy name of the cash-printing website was thought to have been thought up by the Prime Minister himself and the only requirements to use the site are a home computer and a decent colour printer. ‘Taxpayers can now print out fifty, twenty and ten pound notes at home for their own personal use,’ explained the Chancellor Alistair Darling. ‘We did experiment with five pound notes, but they kept getting jammed in the paper feed tray, and the Queen was coming out all short and wrinkly.’

The launch of the money printing scheme was undertaken after consultation with experts in this field, namely the Bank of England and a number of heavily tattooed men in a lock up garage in Essex. However critics have pointed out that given the current cost of ink cartridges, the cost of printing out a twenty pound note is approximately twenty pounds. Sources close to the Treasury reveal that the government is also considering extending the scheme to allow people to print their own tax credits. The new scheme would include the Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and the ‘Sir Fred Goodwin’ Pension Credit.

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