Obama suggested ‘A Trillion Dollars!’ in Dr Evil voice

One triiillllion dollars...

Details are beginning to emerge of the moment when the assembled G20 leaders chose the final figure of the cash that will be injected into the global economies. ‘It was just a comedy ad-lib from Barack Obama’ said the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. ‘We were wondering how the hell we were going to come up with the exact figure and the room went quiet as people were thinking. Then Barack just came out with ‘One trillion dollars!’ in the Dr Evil voice from Austin Powers. He even put his little finger to the side of his mouth. We all just burst into hysterics but then thought, ‘Hell, why not?’.’

Having concluded several hours of difficult business in a couple of minutes, things got even more childish, as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggested, ‘that guy from Different Strokes could be your Mini Me’ and Gordon Brown was ordering for ‘sharks with fricken laser beams on their fricken heads’.

The laughing could be heard from the outer chambers and was initially mistaken for some sort of terrorist attack, as it took time for the security officers to work out what was happening. There were world leaders with water streaming out of their eyes and quite a few rolling on their backs clutching their sides and screaming ‘Fembots!’. ‘We thought we were dealing with a poison gas attack, but then it became a little clearer,’ said one Security Officer who did not give his name. ‘We aren’t used to handling incidents like this; the last time it happened was when Bill Clinton handed out his cigars in the Oval office’.

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