Tramp defends second trousers claim

Dougie Tremlett, a 50-ish year-old Camden Town vagrant, has defended his claim for a second pair of trousers as ‘fair and reasonable’ after being criticised for listing one garment as his main pair, whilst actually wearing an older and more tatty pair of corduroys.

Tremlett had been given a charity-donated pair of George at Asda jeans at a homeless shelter six months ago, after claiming that his current trousers were ‘all worn-out and knackered.’ However, when he was spotted begging for loose change this week, the jeans were wrapped up in a plastic bag and the corduroys were still very much in use.

‘What I claim is what I think is fair and reasonable. I have to have two pairs of trousers. The priority for me is not to let that distract me from my job’, is what he is thought to have said to reporters through a barely-understandable barrage of incoherent swearing, muttering and evasive answers.

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