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Cash machines to deliver electric shock as tougher penalties for an incorrect PIN

Banks and shops using chip and PIN technology are hoping for a reduction in mistakes and security alerts by giving mild electric shocks to anyone carelessly or fraudulently entering the wrong PIN number. ‘At the moment it’s just mildly embarrassing to get it wrong’ said a spokesman for HSBC. ‘You make some weak joke to the shop worker about getting your different numbers mixed up and hope they haven’t already activated the security button. But the prospect of a few hundred volts surging through your index finger might just help you remember.’
Under current plans, the volts will increase with each incorrect attempt. ‘Some of the PC liberals will probably complain that the third incorrect PIN will result in a lethal electric shock but they either want to stamp out fraud or they don’t.’


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Posted: Apr 9th, 2009 by Callumincheese

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