Moldovan president claims G20 invitation ‘definitely said this week’

Other leaders nowhere to be seen

The President of Moldova has accused G20 organisers of putting the wrong date on his invitation to the summit of major world leaders, after flying 2,000 miles to the UK today with a huge entourage of economic and political advisors, thought to comprise a large proportion of the country’s population.

‘My invitation said that I was cordially invited to the G20 summit, on 9-10 April 2009 in London,’ insisted Mr Voronin. ‘Now I arrive at Gatwick expecting a limousine to be waiting for me, instead of which I find a rail replacement bus service. What other world leader would have to put up with this? I am not a man to be trifled with.’

Having eventually travelled to the Excel centre by taxi, the delegation was dismayed to find a meeting of the Association of Biscuit Manufacturers in progress, rather than the cavalcade of international statesmen they had been expecting. An official from the delegation commented: ‘We came here to discuss global economics – look – I have notebook, calculator, everything. And now, biscuits? What is the meaning of this?’

Gordon Brown queried whether Mr Voronin had conceivably mixed up the invitation he claims to have received to the G20 with another similar function, but offered to send a Labour backbencher to meet President Voronin over coffee. The Prime Minister is understood to have declined the President’s request that he re-convene the summit to enable Moldova’s views on the economic downturn to be aired on the world stage.

Boarding his plane last night, President Voronin told reporters ‘the mighty voice of Moldava will be heard!’ before flying back to his homeland. The Moldovan delegation were visibly upset by the administrative oversight and were keen to show reporters the invitation to the G20 that they received back on the 1st of this month.

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