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Shropshire woman uses phone box

Delighted BT bosses were celebrating today after a coin was found to have been deposited in a call box in Shrewsbury. The 50p coin, the first to be collected by BT staff in over two years, will boost predicted takings from phone boxes by 500%.

A spokesman for BT admitted ‘We’ve already cut collections from phone boxes in most areas down to once-a-yearly, but to be honest we’d given up hope of finding anything.’

Last year, there were reports of a coin being found in a call box in a remote village in the Highlands but it turned out to be a flattened bottle top jammed in the slot by vandals.

It later emerged that the 50p coin had been inserted by a confused pensioner who believed she was at home topping up her electricity slot meter. It was only when she phoned the electricity company on her mobile to complain that her lights hadn’t come on that she realised her mistake.

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Posted: Apr 17th, 2009 by NewsBiscuit

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