Private schools launch ‘pay-as-you-go’ lessons

Open to all who can pay

A triumph for classless, free-market principles

The Association of Private Schools today launched a new service which allows state-school pupils to experience fee-paying lessons on a pay-as-you-go basis.

‘Someone such as our first customer Degsy, from an estate in Scunthorpe, can now attend a Latin class at St Georges College, Hampshire in exchange for his dinner money,’ explained Tamara Monkworth-Hall, the Association’s finance director.  ‘He gives up pie and chips and instead learns how to say ‘ad majorem Dei gloriam.’  It’s bound to come in useful during his apprenticeship at Kwik Fit.’

Ms Monkworth-Hall is hopeful that as Degsy lives on an estate he will already have much in common with most private school pupils.  ‘I asked him if he shot grouse on his estate. He said yes, all the youngsters love grass, and most weekends there’s a shooting.’

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