Lorry completes overtaking manoeuvre after 17 years


'Mirror, signal, and watch me go'

A lorry driver from the West Midlands was celebrating today after finally succeeding in overtaking another lorry.  Tom Shepheard, 47, began the manoeuvre shortly after his 30th birthday while travelling 0.02mph faster than the vehicle ahead.  The two lorries are believed to have completed a total of 3,928 laps of the M25 and seriously inconvenienced over half a million road users before the second driver died of old age.

After reaching his destination and receiving cheery waves and hand gestures from the 293 cars behind him, Mr Shepheard told reporters that he had ‘never stopped believing’, thanked God and his long-suffering wife, and delivered his cargo of shell suits, Marathon bars and Amstrad computers to a confused-looking warehouse worker in Basingstoke.

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