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Women’s Institute opens first Al-Qaeda cell

'It takes all sorts'

WI takes all sorts

In a move likely to anger traditionalists, the Women’s Institute today announced that it is setting up its first Al-Qaeda cell.  The group will provide a friendly and supportive environment for female jihadis while catering for both traditional and modern tastes in subjects such as home-baked explosives and Islamist poetry.

‘It’s important for us to be inclusive, reflect modern Britain and help those members who wish to bring death to infidels,’ said 68-year-old member Doris Prentice.  Ladies attending this Thursday’s inaugural meeting can look forward to fashion advice on this season’s must-have bomb vests, and a slide show and talk about a new member’s holiday in Afghanistan where she enjoyed sun, good food and blowing up lightly-armoured British patrols.

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Posted: Apr 23rd, 2009 by C3P0

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