Publisher launches ‘Competitive Parent’ magazine

'William's very advanced for his age'

'William's very advanced for his age'

‘Competitive Parent’, the ambition-by-proxy magazine for modern mums and dads, launched in Kensington last night amid celebration that Britain is finally ready to embrace the instinctive one-upmanship that for too long has been taboo in polite society.

The magazine is the baby of proud editor, Emma Darling.  ‘It’s such a clever magazine,’ she trilled.  ‘It’s only one edition old and already it’s astounded me with its insights.  The other titles are nice in their own way, but they’re really not a patch on mine.’

However, one rival publisher disagreed.  ‘My little Lottie could have come up with some of those feature ideas,’ she hissed.  ‘Ten subtle ways to insert your daughter’s achievements into a conversation?  Ha!  My magazine did that ages ago.’

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