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Essex council hails traffic-calming effects of dead cyclists

Sleeping cyclists for next 400 yards

Sleeping cyclists for 400 yards

An Essex parish council is to leave the mangled wreckage of cyclists on the road as part of a new ‘natural’ traffic-calming scheme.  Injured and dead cyclists will be left where they fall and as nature intended, requiring other road users to reduce their speed as they carefully negotiate the devastation.

‘We’ve asked emergency services and passing motorists to turn a blind eye to any road accident involving a cyclist,’ said a council official, ‘which is usually how the incident happened in the first place anyway.’  Motoring groups have welcomed the proposal as many drivers already voluntarily observe such a scheme by slowing to ensure they and their passengers get a good look at the full aftermath of motorway pile-ups.


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Posted: Apr 27th, 2009 by Guest

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