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Pooh bear denies Piglet flu scare

Pooh Bear has warned that, in the wake of the swine flu outbreak, conditions have worsened in Hundred Acre Wood. In a leaked letter to Christopher Robin, he admits to being ‘saddened…that things haven’t been too good recently in [the] Wood’.

In what’s thought to be a coded reference to a cull in which the entire porcine livestock has been slaughtered, Bear admits ‘We had to let poor old Piglet go due to this nasty swine fever’.

Bear reassures his friend that ‘The vet said that he wouldn’t suffer at the restaurant, whatever that is’.

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Posted: May 1st, 2009 by Stan

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  1. [...] reported so far have been mild. What is a “mild” case of swine flu? It feels more like Piglet flu. Thus ends my career. [...]