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Cockney gangsta rappers at war over ‘digital rights protection’

Two of rap’s  most keenly anticipated debuts are being delayed by a disagreement over who will provide ‘digital rights protection’  for download sales.  The forthcoming releases follow the adoption of U.S. hip-hop culture among East London’s old-time criminals.

The rival releases are ‘Sod tha Old Bill’ by The Wrench, aka 65 year old former Watney Street gang member Johnny Jones – sample lyrics: ‘We’re right nasty villains like that Al Capone, but we love our mothers and we only kill our own’ – and ‘Oi! Oi! ‘Ave a Bannana!’ by former getaway driver Butch ‘Mirror Signal Man’ Hoover.

‘We’re mystified by this delay ourselves’ said Universal records publicist Brad Kershaw.  ‘However The Wrench has assured us that his people will be meeting Butch’s people tonight to sort this matter once and for all.’

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Posted: May 5th, 2009 by nealdoran

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