Loose-knit community unfazed by terrible event

community not pulling together

The small loose-knit community of Barksdale in South Yorkshire is said to be unperturbed by the terrible event which occurred on its streets last night. Parish council leader, John Higgins, said: ‘You see things like this happening on the news and so you do expect it to happen where you live.’ Melinda Stratton (42) who is a neighbour of the man responsible for the terrible event, said ‘He wasn’t a loner who lived with his elderly mother. He wasn’t a quiet man who just kept himself to himself.’ The landlord of The Red Lion who saw it all said: ‘The man responsible for the terrible event didn’t run amok and so people didn’t scatter or run for cover in neighbours’ houses. In a loose-knit community like Barksdale, we don’t all stick together like that in a crisis.’

At 11.30 last night the pub had just closed when the terrible event began to unfold. Only minutes earlier people had been enjoying a quiet pint in the village pub, minutes later they were banging on the door pleading to come back in. ‘I explained that we were closed and told them to get lost,’ explained the landlord, ‘That’s what it’s like round here.’ As the terrible event progressed Community Policeman Jeb Bristow, who didn’t grow up in the village, didn’t use his local knowledge to warn people of the danger; ‘I don’t really know anyone here to be honest. I usually just drive through on my way to one of the bigger towns.’

Local newsagent Tony Lowe, said: ‘Shortly after the terrible event, reporters started to arrive in Barksdale from down London way. They came into my shop and the first thing they asked was, ‘Is this the sort of thing you expect to happen in a tight-knit community like this?’ When I explained to them that Barksdale is a loose-knit community, they seemed confused and crestfallen. They stood around for a bit, not knowing what to do, then one of them said, ‘Well, my paper only reports terrible events in tight-knit communities.’ Then they all got on the train and cleared-off back down to London.’

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