Teachers tell Israeli and Palestinian leadership ‘You’re both as bad as each other’

A delegation from the teachers’ union the NUT has met with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh today, to give them a good talking to. 

A furious Mr Ford brushed aside historical claim and counter claim, following his opening question: ‘OK, who started it?’  The Israeli PM looked at the floor when shown pictures of  bomb-scarred streets in Gaza City and asked ‘How would you like it if somebody did that to your home?’  Meanwhile Mr Haniyey nodded assent  that suicide bomb attacks on innocent civilians were ‘not big or clever’.

After an afternoon of  ‘constructive monologe’, both parties agreed to turn over a new leaf, followed by a final reprimand from Mr Ford: ‘You two are your own worst enemies; you’ve let the Roadmap down, you’ve let the Middle East down, but worst of all, you’ve let yourselves down. Now shake hands. Go on…’

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