‘Waiting for Gordo’ is West End smash

he'll be gone any minute now

It was returns only at the box office last night, for the revival of Samuel Beckett’s black comedy, starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. The play depicts two down-at-heel political parties who spend the whole play waiting for the mysterious ‘Gordo’ to resign.

Some critics regard Gordo as representing God – a view that Gordo himself appears to share. But nobody really knows what it all means, because after an interminable series of comical and futile dialogues between the main characters Gordo is still in office and nothing whatsoever has changed.

In theatrical circles it is of course considered bad luck to mention the title character of the play, who is usually referred to as ‘the Scottish Prime Minister.’ But the success of the play has seen a revival of a number of other West End favourites.  ‘An Expenses Inspector Calls’ sees a group of affluent politicians come face to face with how their extra income might have helped a poor constituent.  Pinter’s ‘The Second Homecoming’ sees an MP returning to his constituency home where he is challenged about his working class origins as he turns up the heating on the swimming pool. And ‘Look Back in Anger’ features a cast of thousands of political activists who gave up endless evenings and weekends to get their bloody MPs elected.

Waiting For Gordo has proved so popular that tickets are now going for hundreds of pounds from ticket touts. ‘It’s appalling that theatre go-ers are having to pay out so much cash,’ said the Minister for Culture; ‘It makes it so much harder to put down to expenses.’

(Vandella with hat tip to Skylarking)

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