EU to relax obligation to play Gipsy Kings CDs in wine bars and coffee shops

Now playing at Chez Sandra's

Now playing at Chez Sandra's

European Union Spokesman Gerd Muller clarified the wording of a directive that had seen wine bars and coffee shops in the UK legally required to play CDs by the Gipsy Kings, insisting the group’s flamenco-tinged cover versions were ‘highly recommended but not obligatory’.
Local council interpretation of the directive had seen any establishment with exposed floorboards charging more than £1.89 for a coffee forced to play the Spanish guitar combo’s hits on a loop, under threat of official raids and heavy fines. Brian Davies, a local council mood music enforcement officer, accepted the decision but reassured the public that the new ruling did not affect UK government requirements that remote rural pubs across the country feature jukeboxes that only play Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’.

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