Government to ‘eliminate failure’ from quiz shows

The government has announced plans to bring in legislation relating to TV quiz shows, re-branding ‘wrong’ answers as ‘nearly correct’.  ‘The Weakest Link’ comes in for special criticism due to its name, which may lead people who didn’t win to believe they were somehow inferior.  It would be changed to ‘Not the Strongest Link, But Not The Weakest Either.’

‘Following our success in eliminating the concept of ‘failure’ in A Levels and GCSEs, this is the next logical step’ said a government spokesman.  ‘Just because a contestant on The Weakest Link does not know what day follows Tuesday or the name of the only planet in the solar system to be inhabited does not mean they deserve to be deemed ‘stupid’ or indeed ‘The Weakest Link’.  This demeaning name-calling could seriously damage their self-esteem and future life prospects.’


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