Microsoft’s Paper Clip giving tips on writing resignation letters

Microsoft Word has upgraded its animated writing assistant ‘Clippie’ to assist those resigning as Members of Parliament, football managers or poetry professors. The word processing software automatically recognizes the phrase ‘I feel that under the circumstance…’ at which point the familiar paperclip pops up and says ‘I see you are writing a resignation letter. Would you like some help appearing contrite and yet hinting that the fault lies elsewhere?’

Clippie suggests a range of phrases such as ‘best for all concerned’, ‘given the media interest’ and ‘in order to draw a line under recent events’ while hinting that the author is available for a similar post as soon as the media interest has died down. However some early software glitches have been reported, particularly after Professor Ruth Padel was appointed the new manager of Celtic FC

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Posted: May 26th, 2009 by

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