Couple cross Severn bridge without single reference to the £5.40 toll charge

just paid up and drove on

In an event more significant than the construction of the bridge itself in 1966, a couple from Swindon yesteday crossed the Severn Bridge into Wales without making any remark about the fee to use it. Heather Johnson who was visiting Wales with her boyfriend on a camping trip explained; ‘John asked me if I had any change and I said that I had about six pounds in coins, he then handed over the right amount to the toll guy, thanked him and drove on’.

‘We then quietly proceeded into Wales, John remarked at what a nice view the bridge had offered and that it looked like there might be rain later, I said that I thought it probably wouldn’t rain but if it did it would just be a shower.’

A mile or so up the M4, the travellers noticed flashing lights and a crowd gathering. They were then escorted off by a highways agency vehicle. ‘We weren’t sure what we could have done wrong. When we realized our mistake we were appalled at our carelessness.’

Welsh language unable to find suitable wordsThe Welsh tourist board have rapidly drawn up an informational leaflet containing approved comments about the toll charge for those driving over the bridge which is now available at information kiosks on the M4 Westbound. Recommended conversation starters include ‘I’m sure it was five pounds twenty last time.’ ‘That’s a bit steep isn’t it?’ ‘Surely it’s paid for itself by now?’ and ‘Shouldn’t English people get in for free?’

They have also admitted that Welsh is a pretend language invented to avoid having to talk to English people who say ‘If we’re coming into Wales, they should be the ones paying us!’

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