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Government launches scheme to help drummers find jobs

Drumming on furniture considered 'poor interview technique'

Drumming on furniture considered 'poor interview technique'

A new scheme aims to help drummers gain the numeracy and literacy qualifications which could help them find paid employment and escape a life of drumming.  ‘We need to get across the message that even if you’re unpopular, socially awkward and are struggling at school, it doesn’t mean you automatically have to become a drummer,’ said Tim Goffe of the Musician’s Union.  ‘Get some GCSEs and you could easily become a guitarist, or if that’s not possible, do a vocational course and become a bass player.’

However, the scale of the challenge was highlighted at today’s launch as a photo opportunity was ruined when a drummer came in too early and walked straight into shot.  He later dropped his pen half way through filling out the enrolment form and was made to start again from the beginning.

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Posted: Jun 2nd, 2009 by evilsuperstar

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