Teenager forced to go on holiday with her parents, to appeal to Strasbourg

really just wanted to text her boyfriend

A teenager who alleges she was forced to go on a week’s holiday to Cornwall with her parents, is to take her case to the European Court of Human Rights. Lawyers for sixteen-year-old Tracey Wilkinson, said they would argue that Miss Wilkinson’s wish to opt out of Article 8 on right to family life had been violated by her parents’ unreasonable and disproportionate insistence that she accompany them on a week long caravan holiday to the far west of Cornwall.

Lawyer John Robertson QC, said ‘We believe our client is entitled to substantial compensation for the distress caused to her by her Cornwall ordeal, the unlawful enforced separation from her mates, and the fun she missed out on which included an important party, a shoplifting trip to Accessorize, and at least one sleepover with her boyfriend, Zac.’

Tracey is also claiming mental cruelty after being made to look around the inside of churches and visit somewhere called the Eden Centre which she claimed was just ‘a big greenhouse.’ She demanded further compensation for having to sleep in such close proximity to her parents, listening to her father whispering to her mum ‘Shall we play Mr Wobbly hides his helmet?’

But Miss Wilkinson’s mother, Beryl, was dismissive of her daughter’s actions ‘Oh, well, that’s our Tracey all over – moan, bloody moan. The European Court of Human Rights will soon get sick of listening to Her Ladyship belly-aching, I can tell you. She went on to claim that ‘Misery Guts’ spent much of the holiday texting friends instead of looking at the views. ‘She didn’t like the bingo, she wouldn’t join us in a game of bowls, and she sat out of the line dancing and the sing-a-long at the social club.’

Mr and Mrs Wilkinson have decided to view the legal case as a valuable experience for their daughter. ‘And as we have been summonsed to Strasbourg along with Tracey, we thought we might as well make a family holiday out of it.’

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