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Vegetarians rejoice as veal reclassified as a shrub

Mmmm, leafy veal

Mmmm, leafy veal

Biologists confirmed today that veal, previously considered to be the meat obtained from young cow, has been reclassified as a vegetable.  ‘We think veal is actually some kind of bush, possibly a hydrangea,’ said a spokesman from Kew Gardens.  ‘I can’t think how the confusion came about.  I suppose calves do sway around a bit in the breeze, and you often find them near cows, but the similarities end there.’

The news has been welcomed by the Vegan Society which has long argued that veal’s ‘succulent, leafy goodness’ marked it out as a vegetable.  Their serving suggestion recommends a generous sprig of veal as ‘the ideal garnish for a dish of apple sauce and an excellent start towards your five-a-day – especially if followed by duck à l’orange for dessert.’


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Posted: Jun 2nd, 2009 by Guest

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